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Nosy Too

Marseille, FRANCE
Phone : +33 (0) 6 61 90 85 33

Email : contact@nosybetoo.com

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Beyond sportive or family cruises,

 Nosy Too

can follow any type of nautical show and sail with sponsors, officials, or customers to watch the ins and outs of the event. Large deck space, strong protection against wind and sea, and refined comfort will make the journey unforgettable



March 2004


Nosy Be Too is VIP boat for the "Marseille International Match Race", organised by Yachting Club de la Pointe Rouge.

More than 70 people over two days have been able to watch the races from the inside, appreciate closely the experience of the sailors and their fine tactical moves, through the enlighted comments of 2 charmful but nonetheless world class female sailors...


Race web site : www.ycpr.com